Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Chvrches, The Bones of What You Believe

I’ve made it clear that electro-pop/techno music isn’t my thing.  A lot of it just feels like a guy playing his ipod to a crowd of people, with a severe lack of talent.  However, there are always some really exciting exceptions that make me eat my words.  Last year, the most notable of these exceptions was Chvrches.  I discovered them at a Two Door Cinema Club gig and have been avidly following their career ever since!

“Lies” and “Recover” had both been released prior to their debut album, The Bones of What You Believe.  At such an early stage in their career, their ability to produce strong, catchy songs like these was so exciting!  There was so much that they could have done with this album, so when the 24th came around, I was pretty damn excited.  The album features “Lies” and “Recover”, as well as 12 songs and 2 remixes.  There are 6 additional songs available, depending on your edition.

The opening song is a break-up anxiety ridden electronic gem.  From here, the songs only get catchier.  “We Sink” has an addicting chorus: “I'll be a thorn in your side, till you die” and “Gun” is the clear single.  It’s upbeat with great lyrics and is just angry enough to get you chanting them (think Robyn meets Passion Pit).  The beginning of “Tether” reminds me of a lighter version of Florence and the Machine; it’s mesmerizing and enchanting.  “Lies” has been re-recorded for the album and I think this new version has lost the raw, authentic, punchy charm that the original recording had. 

The male vocals, provided by Martin Doherty in “Under the Tide” and “You Caught the Light” add a really nice change-up in the layout of the album.  The chorus of “Night Sky” is M83-intense and, like the intenseness of a lot of other songs on this album, masks the inner complexity.

Considering their lack of instrumentals, Chvrches are able to create some really incredible hooks.  Their music proudly represents the emerging electro-pop genre.  It’s innovative with fantastic songwriting and infectious harmonies.  It’s certainly not the most creative or experimental new album I’ve heard recently, yet that allows them to create seamless arrangements.  It’s layered with constant synth waves and high energy.  Having said that, I think they should have stuck with the electro-pop sound.  The slightly more macabre “Under the Tide” and “Science/Visions” seem out of place and don’t match up to the general pop-grandeur of the rest of the album.

Chvrches are a fiery combination of Passion Pit, Depeche Mode and MS MR. Believe the hype and listen to this album!  They’ve certainly got the potential to be one of the best things to hit U.K. pop music in a while!

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