Monday, 30 September 2013

Now Playing: "Darkest Place", Woman's Hour

In true English fashion, when September hits it brings with it heavy coats and thick, plush scarves and gloves. So naturally, I’ve had to accommodate by adjusting my main playlists from the likes of HAIM, Selah Sue and TV Girl (and secretly a little Mungo Jerry!) to the Replacements, the Del Fuegos and Baths.  I mean, normal people do this with each season change – right?!

My favorite wintery playlists generally feature a good, eclectic mix of electronic beats and acoustic guitar.  And a lot of Amy Winehouse!  Think something along the lines of “Miasma Sky” by Baths, then “After the Storm” by Mumford and Sons, followed by “Moody’s Mood for Love” by Amy Winehouse.  A good combination of dark, moody and melancholy - with little else in common!

The most recent addition to this borderline ridiculous mix is “Darkest Place” by Woman’s Hour.  It’s slow, eerie, ridden with emotions and has some absolutely stunning vocals.  If there’s any song that’s going to get me excited for winter, this is the one.  The song will be officially released on the 21st of October (along with this pretty disturbing cover), but for now you can check out their soundcloud here, and the song “Darkest Place” Below! 

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