Sunday, 19 May 2013

Two Door Cinema Club at Alexandra Palace

Two Door Cinema Club Alexandra Palace Gig Review Songs Lyrics

Two Door Cinema Club recently played their largest gig ever, at Alexandra Palace in London.  They were supported by Chvrches and Everything Everything (who seemed like a band tailor-made to perform at Eurovision!).  The venue was packed and all 3 bands performed well.

But here’s the thing – TDCC are just so average!  Over the past few years they have acquired a massive following and people seem to generally really like them.  I don’t think they’re horrible, but they’re not amazing either.  Making it fairly difficult to take a stance on them!  Sometimes, when you discover a new food you get absolutely addicted to it and eat almost only that for a few days – until suddenly you realize that you’ve overdone it and even the sight of that food makes you nauseous.  This is how I feel about TDCC.  When I first discovered them I thought they were great and listened to their album Tourist History on repeat for a week.  With the release of Beacon, I had a similar reaction.  But the thing about this band is that after that first week... I was so tired of them that I didn’t listen to them again for ages!

That being said, I would be very surprised if anyone came out of this concert saying that they didn’t have a good time.  There wasn’t a second of their performance where the entire audience wasn’t on their feet and ecstatic.  While I found a lot of their songs to be as predictable as the inevitable balloon drop over the audience, their final song, “What you know” was a great way to end the gig.  I really enjoyed the concert and TDCC are getting bigger and bigger with no end in sight!

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