Friday, 24 May 2013

Summer 2013 Playlist

Even though we’re still donning winter coats and umbrellas in London, summer is getting closer! In anticipation, I’ve been putting together a playlist for summer 2013.  Like finding a bikini on sale in the middle of winter and storing it away, I’ve been doing the same with these songs.  Whether it’s the tone or the lyrics, there are some songs that just sound better in certain seasons!  For me, summer is driving around for hours to obscenely loud music, meandering down sun drenched streets in Paris and getting far too tan on the beach; this playlist is primarily composed of songs suited to those situations.

I think playlists are best when they’re eclectic.  I like it when the songs have almost nothing to do with each other, but there’s something that makes them work together.  They aren't necessarily related by lyrics or tone or genre, but they just all give you a certain feeling when played together. 

For example, Blackfoot, an American Southern rock band, and Brigitte, a French pop duo are the definition of musical opposites.  Yet, they’re both ideal songs for long drives in sunny weather with the windows rolled down.  I try to mix older classics, like R.E.M’s Catapult with newer releases like Vampire Weekend’s Everlasting Arms and Coasts’ Oceans.  This year I included She & Him’s new cover of Blondie’s Sunday Girl from Volume 3.  Although as far as summer playlists go, their cover of NRBQ's Ridin’ In My Car from Volume 2 will always be the perfect song!  For some reason, ever since its release in 2008 Volume 1 is the only album that has been in my family’s car at home in America.  So for me it’s not truly summer until were driving to visit family through middle-of-nowhere Vermont with no radio signal and playing that album on repeat for hours!  Similarly, some of these songs have been on my summer playlists for years, but once you equate a song with a certain moment or memory, it sticks!

So with that, my very eclectic (and a little disorganized) summer 2013 playlist:

Oceans – Coasts
The Polaroid Song – Allo, Darlin’
I Was Made for Sunny Days – The Weepies
Ma Benz – Brigitte
Sunday Girl – She & Him
Kinda Kute – Joe Jackson
Everlasting Arms – Vampire Weekend
No DIggity – Chet Faker
Two – The Antlers
Big Jet Plane – Angus & Julia Stone
French Navy – Camera Obscura
Highway Song – Blackfoot
Catapult – R.E.M.
Record Collector – Lissie
Sunny – Cyrille Aimée
See The World – The Kooks

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