Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lights // "Siberia" (Acoustic Version)

I’ve been a fan of Lights since 2008, when I first heard “Drive My Soul” and “February Air”.   There are some songs that you hear in a fairly specific context (i.e. while on vacation somewhere rather than a long tube journey) and they will always remind you of that situation regardless of any contextual relationship.  The first time I heard those two songs was while I was zoning out with my headphones on a boat from Cape Cod to Nantucket and so they both take me back to that exact situation.  Since then I’ve followed her career and loved her slower songs like “Drive My Soul” much more than her electropop songs like “Savior”.   When I first heard the title song of her album “Siberia” I wasn’t overly excited about it. However, when my friend sent me the acoustic version of the song it was as though the song just clicked in my mind.  This is clearly how the song is meant to be performed!  I’ve been listening to this version on repeat for about two months, so I figured I should share it!

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